Four Advantages Of Tablet Menus For Restaurants

Many restaurants have been switching over from traditional menus to tablet menus. Not only do tablets give customers full control over what they order, but they also improve responsiveness and allow for exploration of a more complex or innovative menu. Here are some of the major advantages to tablet menus.

1. Direct Connectivity to the Point-of-Sale System

Rather than having to ask for and tabulate a check, the menu system itself will do it for the customer. Tablet menus take the customer's orders, send it to the kitchen, and also keep a running total. Customers can pay directly through the menu system, splitting the order as they desire. This reduces the wait time for the customer and makes the process easier for the wait staff.

2. Better Accuracy When Entering Orders

Because customers can enter in their order, there's no confusion when it comes to their preferences and requests. The order will also be sent directly to the kitchen, so there won't be any errors between the wait staff and the cooks. Better accuracy means less wasted food and happier customers overall. For employees and wait staff, less time will be taken up trying to correct orders and trying to improve upon customer satisfaction.

3. Faster Response Time

By sending orders directly to the kitchen, restaurants can vastly reduce the amount of time it takes to take orders and serve food. This not only improves the dining experience for those in the restaurant, but also frees up tables faster -- perfect for restaurants that may have limited space or may simply be very busy.

4. Additional Features

Tablet menus don't just allow for ordering and paying -- there are also some additional features that can come in handy. Customers can order drink refills quickly, can explore drink and dessert menus as desired, and can even press a button to call for a waiter if they're having issues. These additional features can be programmed into the tablet, so they are really only limited by what the restaurant desires. Either way, they improve the responsiveness of the restaurant and the experience for its customers.

Even businesses not interested in allowing their customers to direct order can often benefit from giving their employees a tablet menu system. This provides a compromise between giving customers complete control and still utilizing advanced, well-integrated technology. Tablet menus from a company like Digital World International tend to be affordable compared to more traditional point-of-sale systems, even when they are used only by employees.