6 Benefits Of Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers combine many different office peripherals into one. Typically, a multifunction printer is a printer, fax machine, copier, and scanner, all in one machine. If you're putting together an office either at home or at work, there are many benefits to choosing a multifunction printer.

1. Space

With a standard office setup, you'd have to have separate places for the printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine. This adds up to a lot of office space taken up by machines. With a multifunction printer, you only need to make space for one machine, leaving more space for other productivity workstations.

2. Fewer Electrical Needs

Even if you have a wireless office environment, copiers, scanners, printers, and fax machines require electrical outlets to obtain power. When you have all these machines in your office, you have to somehow configure the cords so they each have a power outlet. With a multifunction printer, you have only one power cord to worry about plugging in.

3. Convenience

There are many conveniences associated with a multifunction printer. For one, you have only one station to set up. That means that, instead of buying tables for up to four different machines, you have to buy only one table to set the multifunction printer on.

4. Less Training

When you have multiple office machines, there are multiple operating manuals that need to be learned. With a multifunction printer, whether you need to scan, copy, or print a document, you only need to operate one machine. That translates to less training for you and employees.

5. More Functionality With Less Cost

Some business owners do without certain capabilities, such as faxing, because they only need them every once in a while. With a multifunction printer, if you only scan or fax on occasion, you can, even without going to the trouble of purchasing separate machines for each function.

6. Savings on Maintenance

Typically, offices purchase maintenance services for office machinery, and each piece of equipment requires a separate cost of maintenance. A multifunction printer only requires one maintenance service contract since technically it's just one machine. With just one technician office call, all your multifunction printer functionality can be fully operational.

The benefits of multifunction printers make them a wise investment for any size business or home office. Specifications vary among machines, so be sure to choose a multifunction printer that matches with your estimated volume and speed needs. Contact a company like Royal Business Systems, Inc. to learn more.