When It's Time To Get A New Phone

Although you may love keeping up with all the latest technology, trading in your cell phone every time a new bell or whistle comes on the market gets expensive. If you are on a budget, waiting until you really need a new phone is a good idea. Of course, not everyone agrees about what constitutes need. You probably do actually "need" a new phone if one of the following is true.

Staying Power

If you like your phone, but it runs out of power too quickly, you may need more than a new battery. Your cell phone should hold a charge for an entire day. If you constantly  have to plug it in at the office, in your car, or at the bar, there is a problem. When your phone is only a year or two old, you can consider having someone repair it. However, if your phone has some age on it, you should consider getting a newer model that doesn't need  constant attention.


Cell phone users are often tempted to buy the latest phone because it is touted as faster, and if you are still using a 3G instead of a 4G, you should consider finally making the leap. However, if upgrading is only going to save you seconds on basic tasks, buying it is really unnecessary unless you are going for bragging rights. For some users, many of the extras go unused and even the internet is rarely called up. If you have to ask,"What is Messenger?" you can forgo many features. If you belong to the group that really only uses their cell for phone calls and text messages, then hang on to your old phone as long as possible.


You may be the opposite of the new tech grabbers and instead carry around a phone that has multiple screen cracks, body breaks, and a signal that only works when you hold the phone out of the window of your car as you drive down the highway. You may have let multiple upgrades go by simply because you do not care enough. Get thee to the store immediately. You may have missed innumerable messages over the last months and not even known it. Plus, a nasty phone does not look very professional.

You can always invest in a new cell phone if you want to, but the truth is you rarely need to. Your phone should be perfectly acceptable for at least two years if you take care of it. You might be better off investing in other technology, such as a docking station like TYLT that makes charging your phone more convenient. You need to realize how much money you are spending by leaping to buy each and every upgrade. Save that money and use it for a vacation or other experience that you will remember. And leave your phone at home when you go.