Four Fun Columns You Need For Any Technology News Blog

When you run a technology blog, you have to live between heavy technological explanations and creating articles that all types of readers will enjoy. This means that you may have to go easy on the technology explanation and a little heavier on the fun. If you want to run a technology news blog that attracts readership of all ages and tech levels, here are four columns that you can create to gain further readership. 

How it works

There will always be people who are interested in how a tech product works but are not able to understand it on their own. For this reason, a how it works blog that breaks down a hard to use product, software, or program in layman's terms will be appreciated by many people. This will get readers to your blog who use search engines to determine just how to use or operate something. If possible, create videos or short gifs to accompany the column so that visual readers can understand the process. 

White it out

Most computer users have had times when they made a mistake that they don't know how to fix, from installing the wrong program, to erasing data, to moving documents into a different part of the hard drive. In the "White it out" column, tell users how to go back and fix a mistake that they may have made and thought was permanent. Many internet users will be thankful to know that they can undo technological mistakes. 

Buy this, not that

Trying out new computers, tablets, smart devices, and accessories will be a big part of technology blogs. Product match-ups that give consumers pertinent information about similar products that come out will be wildly popular. Many companies will release technology at the same time. Knowing which product is best to invest money in can save readers money. This will also pique the interest of product makers and they may send you products to feature in your column. 

One minute makeover

Cleaning up a computer's files is something that most people should do. Many people don't think about it, but your column can explain why it is necessary and how to do a little bit each day in one minute. Everything from creating folders, to deleting internet cookies, to sorting files can be featured. Knowing how to make the computer faster and easier to use within a minute each day will make computer users feel more empowered about their skills.