How Near-Field Technology Gives New Meaning To The Phrase, "Reach Out And Touch Someone"

A popular tagline from a major telephone service company was "reach out and touch someone." It used to be a metaphor for making contact with friends and family via telephone services, but has of late come to mean something more literal. With near-field communication technology, you can literally reach out and touch someone else's phone with your own to transfer data, money or pictures. If you are considering purchasing a new cellphone, then you may want to buy a smartphone that has near-field communication (or NFC). Here is how this technology is changing the way people communicate and how it gives new meaning to the old tagline, "reach out and touch someone."

Transferring Photos

If you are on vacation and the other adult family member is running out of space on his or her phone, you can receive a stack of the photos that he or she took. This frees up some space on his/her phone while occupying free space on yours and keeping family photos and memories so that they do not have to be deleted to make room for more photos. In addition to this feature, the two of you only need to use your NFC features on your phone to transfer the stack of pictures. Before NFC came into existence, you would have had to send a ton of emails with photos attached to move all of the pics from one phone to the other, and there was no guarantee that all of them would be successfully transmitted. The NFC technology is instantaneous, and confirmation of receipt is immediate.

Paying for Everything, Including IOUs

If you owe someone some money for last night's drink tab or you need to pay for your portion of lunch today, you can use NFC technology to do this too. Digital wallets are a part of the NFC technology, allowing you to store your credit, debit and banking information in your phone's digital wallet. When you want to pay, you access the app, tap your phone to the credit card reader in the shop, restaurant or bar, and then the money is instantly transferred. When you need to pay your friend, family member or co-worker, you simply touch the backs of your phones together and the transaction is complete.

Transferring Work Files with a Touch of the Phones

Perhaps the most useful of all of the NFC features is the ability to transfer your work files. Just about anything you can stash in programs like Dropbox or iCloud can be transferred to someone else's phone, and all you have to do is reach out and touch their phone to yours (after you select the files, of course). This is a very nice feature if you are working on a team project and cannot meet to make a connection to transfer files in one of the "old-fashioned" ways. It is even possible to transfer files while passing a co-worker on the street.

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