Fun Ideas For An Adult Game Room

Game rooms are often considered something for children, but there are many ways to turn it into an adult space. Here are some fun and easy ways to turn a spare room or basement into an adult-oriented game room.

Add Theater Seating

If you have a larger game room that allows others to watch you play games or watch a movie in the room, consider adding some theater seating. Many furniture stores sell theater seating that works for smaller spaces. You don't need a large space just to have different levels of seating. They typically involve multiple seats attached to each other as opposed to a traditional couch. Each sit likely reclines to make it more comfortable and includes a cup or snack holder in the armrest. You may be able to add multiple rows, depending on the size of the game room.

Include Retro Games

Aside from your modern video game consoles and television, add some retro games to the game room. There are many retro gaming machines that make it fun for children and adults. For example, you can purchase full-size arcade games like Pac-Man and Centipede. There are some standing or sit-down arcade machines that have multiple games in one machine. There are also full-size slot machines and pinball machines you can add to the room. Also look at a variety of other games, such as a dart board, pool table, and foosball.

Have a Bar Area

Since this game room is primarily for adults, you might want to add a bar area to the room. For a larger room, such as if you are converting a basement, you can add a full wet bar with stools and the works. There are many bars that can be built on your own or that you can purchase from specialty stores. If you are simply using a small guest room or den in your home, you don't need a full-size wet bar. Instead, consider adding a long accent table that has room for different types of liquors and glasses. You can include a small refrigerator and storage unit in the room against one wall where you can keep wine and beer cold, have mixers, and store limes to cut up for different drinks.

Don't Forget the Media

Finally, add the media to the room. You will of course want a television, preferably a big-screen for watching movies or playing games with your friends. It is also a good idea to add a stereo system o the game room, along with surround sound that works with the stereo and television. You may also want a karaoke machine for weekend nights with your family or friends. You can work with a company like A Tech Security to put in a home theater system you can be proud of. 

Including these ideas in your game room can help you create the perfect place to relax or host parties.