Better Alternatives To Traditional Computer Power Management Solutions

As your company searches for ways to lower energy costs, you may think that there is no way to lower the cost of the energy consumed by your computers. However, you may not be aware of ways in which your computers are consuming energy unnecessarily. Rather than simply rely on the settings that come with your computer, you might need to purchase a power manager software program that can control your energy usage for you.

Don't Rely On Traditional Forms Of Power Management

Do not use a screen saver as a form of power management. Sometimes, a screen saver might even use more power than simply leaving the computer on. Also, do not rely on the low power setting to reduce the energy consumption of your computers, especially if the computer is being run in a networked environment that will cause processes to prevent the low power setting from being triggered.

Look For Rebates

You may be able to obtain a power management software program for free from your utilities company. These usually function as rebates that will offset the cost of purchasing the power management software.

Implement Smart, Dynamic Features

One of the reasons why power management software is so useful is that built-in methods of power management do not factor in the natural work flow of a business. Power management software can predict when an employee is most likely to be using a company asset and can then turn the asset on preemptively to help avoid any slowdown in the work flow.

The brightness of a display is a major source off power consumption. However, an insufficient level of light can contribute to eye strain, affecting worker productivity. Power management software can detect ambient light and can raise or lower the display to ensure that there is only the minimum amount of light necessary.

Control All Workstations From One Location

When employees leave the building, it is helpful to have a single workstation that can shut down all work stations in a specific department. This not only saves energy, but can also increase productivity and reduce the risk that staff members will forget to turn off their workstations.

Track Your Power Usage

Power management software also tracks power consumption so you can assess how well your company is reducing power consumption. Simply input your cost per kilowatt hour and you will be able to track exactly how much your power usage is costing you.