Getting The Most From Your Cable Package

If you're like most cable customers, you get more from your provider than just television service, and there's a reason these companies offer those additional services. Keep in mind as well that additional features are added to individual services on a regular basis, so you may be getting more for your money than you're even aware. Knowing how to get the best value at the best price will help you to cut down the number of bills you're paying, and may also lower your household expenses.

Multiple Services Discounts

There are few cable companies in the U.S. that don't offer some kind of discount to customers with more than one service. Since most offer data, video and digital phone service, any combination of two or more services will result in a lower individual service cost. Cable companies often refer to this as bundling, but it's no different than the way insurance companies offer discounts if you insure both your vehicle and your home with one provider.

It's important to note that these discounts are often only made available if you're newly adding a service to your existing account, so customers who already have all three lines of service offered may not be able to take advantage. Also be aware that these discounts have an expiration date, so the savings aren't a fixed part of your service. That said, many cable companies are motivated to retain customers, so it's worth your time to make a call if you're closing in on that end date.

Finding Your Features

Even if you're not interested in adding internet service or a phone line to your account, you can still get far more for your money simply by expanding your existing video service. Cable companies have come a long way, and many now include video on demand services in the price of your television service. This feature offers you access to a library of content from your existing channel line-up, including primetime programming you may have missed that week or movies playing on premium channels you already pay for.

While basic cable tiers lack functionality to access on demand services, you can upgrade to any level of service requiring an advanced set-top box and gain full access. The channels you'll be able to utilize will normally be limited to your regular channel line-up, so the more channels you pay for, the more on demand content you'll be able to utilize. Depending on your provider and your set-top box functions, on demand content can be controlled like a DVD, allowing you to pause, rewind and fast-forward, even if you don't pay for DVR service.

Cable services have come a long way since the first coaxial cable was connected to a television. While the price has steadily climbed, the value provided has surged up to match it. If you're not taking full advantage of all the services included in your package, you owe it to yourself to try them out, and contact your provider to get help understanding how they work.

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