HVAC Field Service Company? Use Internet Of Things To Keep Customers Happy

If you own an HVAC business, your main goal is likely serving your customers in a quick and efficient manner. This can be difficult to do in certain parts of the year, such as when the temperatures drop below zero, and you have a lot of customers calling you due to their HVAC system not heating. Fortunately, there are things you and your field service technicians can do to ensure these customers are taken care of quickly to keep your business running smoothly.

Internet of Things

When using Interent of Things (IoT), a sensor is placed on your customer's HVAC system, which can send information about the unit to your company's computer network. For example, one of your customer's HVAC unit may be running low on coolant due to a leak. If so, the sensor on the unit would alert you through your computer, tablet, or smartphone of this leak. This allows you to contact the customer, and fix the problem before it becomes much worse.

Your field service technicians can carry a tablet or smartphone with them. When information comes in alerting you of a problem, it will immediately display on their tablet or smartphone while they are out on the field servicing other customers. Once they receive the information, they can call that customer alerting them of the problem, and come to their house to repair it. This looks very good on your company, as your customer may not realize they have a problem if it just started.

Service History

The IoT system can also display other information on their laptop or smartphone screen. For example, it will show the technicians the service history of the equipment, the date when it was installed, and the most recent repairs done to the equipment. If they see the equipment is very old, and has had a lot of repairs in the past, already knowing this information can help them speak to the customer about it much quicker, as they will not have to take time to inspect the system first.

An IoT system also allows you to print out reports in your office to allow you to see information. For example, you may want to see the most common repairs the field technicians have to make to the HVAC units.

Setting up a system like this can be very difficult to do if you have not done it before. For this reason, find a company that has the experience doing this. They can also help you learn how all of this works.