How To Make More Money When Selling Your Used Gadgets

Have you been asking yourself, "Can I make money if I sell my electronics?" If so, here are some hints to help you maximize the money you can make selling gadgets you no longer want:

Save everything: When you bring your item home, assume that you will be selling it in the future. Instead of tossing the packaging into the recycling bin, make room for it in a closet. Use the retail box to store the original padding and the instruction books. An envelope can protect the warranty and receipt paper so they don't get crumpled when you repackage the box.  The original receipt will verify your purchase date and make the buyers confident that you're telling the truth about the age of the item. If a driver disc came with your item, make sure you put it back in the original product box after use. If possible, burn an extra copy so that you don't have to keep pulling the disc out to install the drivers on your other computers. 

Timing is important: Keep the warranty and purchase dates easy to find by writing them on a sticky note and putting them on the outside of the retail box. This will help you to track any deadlines that could affect your asking price.  Many buyers like the peace of mind of knowing that there is still some warranty time left should they buy your item. Additionally, timing is important when considering product release dates. Become familiar with your brand's product cycles, and try to sell your items before the latest model is introduced so that your item isn't made obsolete before you can sell it.  

Include accessories: You may not be able to sell laptop bundles, but try to find some extras to add to your original gadget. If you have an extra laptop bag, include that at no cost to the buyer. Combine your unwanted neoprene sleeves with the smart phone you're selling. Throwing in some extra USB cables along with your item can make your deal more appealing. 

Clean inside and out: Each electronic device may require different cleaning procedures, so check your manufacturer's specifications to see how to tidy up your gadget's appearance. Also check to see if opening the case to remove any dust with compressed air will void the warranty. You'll also want to research the best way to remove your private data from your item's internal storage. Restoring everything to factory settings usually cleans out everything, but check with your manufacturer in case they require additional steps. 

Next time you decide to sell laptops or smartphones, keep these tips in mind.