What You Will Not Get In Your Home Security System

Security systems have come a long way from the family dog and a single lock on the door. In fact, it would be easier to sum up what you do not get in a modern security system than what you do get. Even if you are a business, there is more to your security system than a shotgun and a box of shells. Take a closer look at what a security system does and does not offer you in the modern world.

What You Do Not Get in The Basic Security System

You will not get a dog, locks that come standard on your windows and doors, or a fully loaded gun safe filled with your weapons of choice. You will not get trip wires or booby traps or voodoo curses or witch's hexes. In fact, these items are not part of any modern security system and with good reason.

They either fail (like the family dog who would trade your safety for a piece of meat) or they do not work (like the voodoo curses). Some of the remaining old-fashioned methods of home and business security are far too dangerous, and you would lose more of what is valuable to you than you would save.

What You Will Get Instead

You will get an alarm system with coded key pad which secures your front and back doors. If you so desire, you can also get alarms for all of your windows, landscape motion lighting, timed lighting for those days when you will not be home, and wired security that signals the police or your security company that your home has an intruder. In addition to this equipment, business owners can request CCTV and trip laser motion sensors (although homeowners could do quite the upgrade and get these security features as well).

Purchasing a Modern Home Security System

As long as you have electricity and a telephone, you can get in touch with a security systems expert like those at American Wireless Alarm Inc. Your company of choice will send a technician out to give you an estimate (free of charge). Some homeowners really appreciate the fact that these companies will work with them on getting exactly what they want in a security system and help them to finance the cost as well. You may discuss the details with your security systems expert before signing a contract, or you can get several quotes for the best system and the best price possible.